Author Advancement Program

Author Advancement Program

Our core business is to be the better platform for every author. And in becoming the better alternative your book may not be in the world’s number one list but we will always work harder to provide a real difference.

Publishing a book and focusing on selling, marketing and promoting will always remain a challenge to self-published authors. In the past 5 years the publishing industry has changed dramatically and having a specific focused approach seems to be the one most effective method when it comes to selling or promoting one’s book.

According to research, 87% of self-published authors investing in huge amounts for trial-and-error-marketing end up with having very little or no return of investment at all. That’s also the reason why authors give up on their book projects and some even abandon their writing career.

Now, you don’t have to experience what the other authors have gone through. Now, you can have your own team of publicists and press agents who will help you with where you are lacking.

How it works:

  • As partners, you will get professional advice about your book or manuscript. Our editing team will take a look at your manuscript and give you a report or evaluation consisting of suggestions or comments so that you will have every opportunity to let your book stand out and be at its best with today’s market;
  • Our cover design department will also assist in making your book more captivating.
  • After everything is set, your book will be endorsed to publicists and your team of press agents for the needed work to be done.


For a detailed proposal, please call us at 1-888-742-7458