About GreenBerry Publishing

With 17 years of experience in the publishing industry, we are a team of literary agents, publishing and marketing specialists formally organized now to lead the self-publishing industry by making it easy for authors to publish, promote and market their books.



We also prefer complete manuscripts, with the exception of cookbooks—we are happy to accept cookbook proposals or full manuscript


We are currently accepting submissions for children’s books. Illustrations can be sent via separate file format like adobe or in-design.


We are also accepting Poetry submissions. We can provide customized illustrations for different titles.


"Our core business is to be the better platform for every author. And in becoming the better alternative your book may not be in the world’s number one list but we will always work harder to provide a real difference."

"Publishing a book and focusing on selling, marketing and promoting will always remain a challenge to self-published authors."


Greenberry Publishing Company is an author-friendly publisher who puts the interests of the author first.  They do their best to accommodate writers who hope to publish their books at lower price, thus making them more affordable to the buyer and less of a financial strain to the author. Their work is excellent, an aspect important both to the author and the reading public, which means more books will be sold. I would highly recommend this company to beginning authors as well as those more experienced. You will like what you see. 

Leona Nichols

– Leona Nichols

I feel surrounded by an Army of intelligent Professionals who care about my message,
and understand where I come from.

For the first time, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
And it took time…. And God raised you up from among the crowd.
And He formed a Brand New Company: Green Berry Publishing, to tell me:

“Here we are, Luisa;

“Tell us your Story.”

Thank You, beloved Ladies and Gentlemen:
You have made my dream come true!

Luisa Mirella Plancher

– Luisa Mirella Plancher

As an author of three books, I’ve learned that each publishing company is different, and I am very happy to be currently connected with Greenberry Publishing.  From the very beginning, they have treated me with respect and listened to my requests.  They are in the process of republishing two of my books, Quiet Things, Quiet Places and Other Loves all Flee.  I so appreciate the reduced publishing fee they charge, which gives me the opportunity to be able to sell my books at a price readers can afford.  I am looking forward to a long and mutually advantageous relationship as I continue to publish in the future.

Leona Nichols

– Leona Nichols


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